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Ultralight slewing cranes from Strödter!
CARBON slewing booms and CARBON lifting axles!

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Welcome to our website for Ultra­easy­handling!

We are your expert for high-quality slewing cranes made of carbon, which are characterized by their ultra­lightweight construction and its outstanding performance capability are convincing. Our focus is focused on offering innovative solutions that meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency and reliability.

Ultra­light and at the same time extremely resilient − that is the outstanding feature of carbon or also called carbon fiber. These materials are known for their extraordinary strength with at the same time low weight.

Carbon swivel boom. This boom is made of high strength Carbon fibers that have a maximum load capacity with minimum weight guarantee. By using this innovative material we can increase the performance of our slewing cranes and at the same time the effort required for operation reduce.

Another important element of our slewing cranes are the Carbon lifting axles. These special axles are also made of carbon and offer a high load­bar­ability with at the same time low weight. Through her optimized construction enables precise and efficient lifting operations, even under extreme conditions.

By using carbon fibers in the construction With our swing cranes we achieve the ideal ratio of strength to mass, which leads to a significant weight reduction compared to conventional materials leads. Our ultra­light jib cranes offer numerous advantages, including an increased Load capacity, improved maneuverability and an extended Service life.

Thanks to their low mass, our slewing cranes can be installed without any problem be used in different environments without compromising performance. An essential component of our slewing cranes is the

In short, our carbon jib cranes combine the advantages of ultra­light­construction, Carbon materials and innovative technology to give you unsurpassed performance and reliability.

Discover our diverse application possibilities today high-quality slewing cranes and convince yourself of their outstanding rag­ends Quality and Efficiency!

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you. Simply contact us using our inquiry form or call us at +49 2385 921210!

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